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The GeoKey's Special Characteristics


Finger geometry identification is already a well developed technology in the biometric field, and its greatest advantage is that of uniqueness, in that only the fingers of the valid user can be identified and accepted. With current technology there is no viable way in which the 3D image of a person's finger can be accurately simulated. In this way, the problems caused by stolen or lost keys or cards, forgotten or copied passwords can be completely got rid of.


The GeoKey's scanning system uses an infrared light method, similar to that used in a TV remote control, with a similar energy output, and does not harm a person in any way. A unit uses 12V direct flow electricity, categorised as safe electric power. Furthermore the amount of contact between user and a unit is even less than with a hand reader or when opening a door, so as long as the unit is regularly cleaned the chances of germs spreading are negligible.


Finger geometry is now seen as the most convenient method of identification technology. The GeoKey provides a number of outlets for connection with network systems, card reader systems, printer etc. to form part of a complete security and administration system.


There are already several hundred thousand finger reader units being used around the world, and have gone through several years of extensive testing to prove the reliability of the core components. In the US, all military bases are now using this type of product, with 90% of all US nuclear power plants using them for controlling entrance and exits into sensitive areas. Finger readers are also now being widely used in banks, universities, hospitals, high-tech companies and airports etc. and as an attendance recorder it is also extremely popular in the commercial, service and health industries.

The GeoKey Product Advantages

Differentiates 3D Finger Images

A 32,000 pixel CCD (Charged Couple Device - a semiconductor device that reads images electronically) digital camera inside the unit infers the length, width, thickness and surface area of the hand and fingers from silhouetted images projected within the scanner. Many of the finger's measurements are taken and the characteristics are represented as a 20 byte template. Therefore keys and cards are not needed, and only lightly placing your hand into the unit will complete verification.

Simple and Easy Operation

The GeoKey is designed for simple, clear and quick operation, and is suitable for placement of either the left or right hand.

One Person - Two Templates

When enrolling, you choose between entering templates of just one hand or of both hands. If both hand's finger images are entered, then should one hand be injured, the other can be used without any problem.

Safe and Reliable

Finger image templates are regarded as extremely reliable in that they do not suffer significantly from template aging, where people's biometric data changes over time, and sample taking is not affected by whether the users fingers are too damp or too dry. Furthermore, the GeoKey has a self learning feature in which it will record a finger image's changes over time, so should a user's fingers get fatter or thinner over time, then the GeoKey will automatically adjust its settings to allow for this.

No Infringements on Personal Rights

The GeoKey does not make a recorded image of a person's finger, much less a fingerprint. It simply takes measurements of the finger's height, width and length etc and records them into a 20 byte template. As a result there can not be any infringement of a person's personal rights.

Ability to Work in a Network

The GeoKey itself already contains more than enough features and control procedures to work as a stand alone unit, which can be used in an area where the number of users is relatively small. As to a larger system involving larger numbers of people and more doors of entry and exits, the GeoKey has the ability to be linked in a series of units under the same administration. Under the system, the user only needs to enroll in one unit, and afterwards the template is transmitted to all of the units, and so the user can gain access to any of the other units.

Computer Administration

By a number of different possible link modes, a central PC system can control and administer settings to each GeoKey in its system, including finger templates, statistics and log analysis. In this way the system can be administered more efficiently and effectively.

Remote Control and Administration

Either through the central command unit, or through direct line cable, telephone cable or ether net link, a PC can operate remote control and administration to a GeoKey unit.

Simple Convenient Installation

The GeoKey has been designed so that it can be installed onto a table, hanging on a wall, or actually built into the wall.

Multi-Input, Output Mode

Can support four different inputs, four different outputs, and can also test for misuse of the system and door state signal. Is extremely convenient to use with all types of input and output equipment.

Use in Conjunction with Other Systems

Through its multi input output mode the GeoKey can be linked with various external systems, including door lock systems, attendance record systems and identification systems to form part of a comprehensive, safe and reliable system.

Several Attendance Record Methods, Fair and Just

There are a number of ways in which the GeoKey can be used for attendance records, and unlike the use of cards or keys using the GeoKey ensures that only the ral user's records will be recorded, and not an imposter, thus ensuring a safe, reliable and fair system.


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